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Aryeh Sampson

Aryeh Sampson

Experience(Years): 15+
Given Sessions: over 7000hours
Languages: English
Working with: Individuals,Couples
Area:Mariage Couples, Relationship Issues, Anxiety,Depression, Anger Management

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Aryeh Sampson

Aryeh Sampson

Total Experience (Years):15+
I am a Certified Relationship Therapist and BACP-accredited psychotherapist with 15 years of experience I specialize in helping couples in crisis and individuals to improve their relationships and overcome anger and anxiety.
Couples often experience a breakdown of communication, which causes a fight or flight reaction. A loss of emotional closeness, trust, and physical intimacy follows. I help couples explore why there is disconnection and how you can achieve the relationship you want. A key factor is learning to communicate in a calm and open way to resolve conflict and meet each other’s needs. We also focus on building greater trust, appreciation, and care to reignite love and connection.

Important Note: Intensive 2-4 hours session with the clients in person is available, please contact us.

Areas of Counselling I deal with


Anger Management




Marriage Counselling

Relationship issues



Work Related Stree




BA degree in Jewish Studies
MA degree in Psychotherapy - 2009, Regents College


15 Years Counseling Private Clinic, The UK
MIND & London Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy The UK

Qualifications and Training & Certificates & Awards

Accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy(BACP)
Imago Relationship Therapist

Therapies Offered

Integrative Counselling Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy

When we approached Aryeh our marriage had been very unsatisfactory for a long time and I had little hope marriage counselling would help but within a few sessions the surprising effectiveness of Aryeh's techniques and guidance had improved our relationship remarkably. He has an effective methodology, a calming influence and is very astute


Client - 1

We were struggling after lockdown, but with Aryeh’s guidance we learned a range of tools that got us right back on track. In fact after a few sessions we had turned things around so much that we set a date for our wedding and are now happily married


 Client - 2

Aryeh has counselled us out of trouble into a happier and more harmonious place in our marriage. Not only has he helped us discuss some of the previously taboo subjects, he has taught us communication techniques, crisis management strategies and given us loving strategies to bind us. Our family home is a calmer happier place to be, the mutual respect has grown .Thank you Aryeh


Client - 3

Aryeh has been a fantastic source of wisdom during our sessions together. He has really helped me identify the issues causing my anxiety, and suggested many practical and effective techniques to help me manage my difficulties day-to -day. I can't recommend Aryeh enough!


 Client - 4

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