Niran Tanyeri

Niran Tanyeri


I am a consultant dietitian/ registered nutritionist based in London. 

I work with disordered eating patterns, general gut health, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux vegan diets, polycystic ovary syndrome,food allergies and infant feeding.

Niran Tanyeri

Niran Tanyeri is a consultant dietitian/ registered nutritionist based in London.

Niran now works in private practice helping people with disordered eating patterns and eating disorders to find their path to recovery.

In addition, Niran has a wealth of experience in helping patients develop healthy balanced eating habits to optimize: general gut health, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux. , vegan diets, polycystic ovary syndrome. Also, her special interests include infant feeding, complementary feeding, and food allergies and intolerances.


  • Registered Associate Nutritionist, Current
  • Research Intern,University College London
  • Dietetic Intern,Istanbul Faculty of Medicine - Istanbul
  • Research Assistant,Koc University, Faculty of Medicine - Istanbul
  • Harrison’s Harbor Watch Group- Ocean City, Marland, USA
  • Dietetic Intern / Social Media Specialist, Hit Club Spa Fitness


  • Faculty of Health Science - Nutrition and Dietetics,  Bahçeşehir University


  • Registered Associate Nutritionist (2021)
  • Associaton for Nutrition Advanced Sports Nutritionist (2021)
  • Barca Innovation Hub Universitas- FC Barcelona 9th
  • National Healthy Life Congress (2020) Acıbadem University
  • Diabetes and Carbohydrate Counting (2020) Etkin Kampüs - Online
  • 21st Century Dietitian’s Roadmap Etkin Kampüs- Online (2020)
  • How to Work From Home Office in an Online Diet Etkin Kampüs- Online (2020)
  • Phytotherapy and Food- Drug Interactions (2020) Etkin Kampüs
  • Mindful Eating Etkin Kampüs- Online (2020) 
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27 January 2022